The Magic of Owning a Home

The Magic of Owning a Home

Homeownership is a Smart Decision!

The magic of homeownership affects your dreams, wealth, and family life. Investing in a home is a smart decision for anyone looking to increase their net worth and become more active in their community. Additionally, in at least 50 cities in the United States and Canada, it is cheaper to buy than rent. Take a look at what happens when people rent instead of own.


  • Paying the landlord's mortgage for them.
  • Monthly payment is subject to increase year-to-year.
  • A constant payment that never goes away.
  • The space belongs to someone else.
  • At the will of your landlord for changes or updates.


  • Increasing your own wealth.
  • A fixed mortgage keeps your monthly payment constant.
  • Pre-paying parts of your mortgage can reduce your debt.
  • Your own space to customize and design however you want.
  • You are your own landlord.
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